четвъртък, 23 януари 2014 г.

Betting on soccer markets

Football betting impresses every day with the a lot of betting markets helping every bettor to choose the best bet for him.The problem of most of the bettors is that they want to make serious money with small stakes and bankroll,and 90% of the cases this thing smashed them and bookie steal their money.
We want now to present the innovativ method in the betting,which is used by many facebook pages chained with betting and many betting tips resources in the whole internet, This is the method called betting challenge,it may be 10-50  or 25-100 or even 25-1000 euros challenge,which is very popular in the betting niches. What this type of betting is? In the challenge bets you bet most of the times on live and choose soem match with odd 1.30-1.60 and bet,for example, 10 euros,if the bet won you have 16,00 euros.You proceed to look at the football betting markets and when you see something value with odds 1.30-1.60 put all your 16,00 euros in the bet 2.This way with live tips you can easily turn 10 to 100 euros if you have the suitable knowledges in the betting maktets,and of course if you have good luck. Other challenge is to turn 25,00 euros in the 1K euros for 10-12 bets and 10-12 days using only pre-match predictions which are the most secured bet of the day,because in this challenges you have no places for loses until you reach 1000 euros and begin again. With these challenges you bet with small stakes but can make a nice money every month.You cna have 3-4 mistakes and lost 4x25 euros,but when you make a successful challenge you cover all your loses and make a stable profit for the month.This is the method that we propose for people who has not a good bankroll but has an unique knowledges in the football betting